Canada geese may have spread viable seeds of genetically modified wheat grown at the Central Experimental Farm, documents from Agriculture Canada show.The fear is that these geese may have left poop with living GM wheat seeds that could allow GM wheat to spread outside the controlled field, or even away from the farm itself.The issue blew up on a Friday night in 2012, taking the department by surprise.Now the Citizen has obtained internal emails, with many of the relevant details blacked out, showing the rush by federal bureaucrats to find out whether the GM seeds had flown the coop, potentially to other farms.GM wheat is not approved in Canada. Many growers, including the Canadian Wheat Board, strongly oppose it, saying that growing GM wheat will make all Canadian wheat harder to sell in Europe and Asia.And the last thing any grower wants is to have ordinary wheat crops accidentally mixed with the GM varieties.

This happened last month in Oregon, where a farmer discovered transgenic wheat growing on his land. He had never planted any and the source remains unknown, but Japan and South Korean briefly banned U.S. wheat imports.Many species of plants are commonly spread when birds eat berries or nuts and then drop the seeds in their feces.The issue seems to have come out of left field for the Experimental Farm.On Aug. 24, 2012, an Agriculture Canada staffer wrote, in an email to her colleagues, that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) had just informed her of an incident involving an Agriculture Canada wheat researcher.

The CFIA regulates trials of experimental GM crops. Its records show that in 2012, Agriculture Canada had two permits to run “confined research field trials” of experimental wheat in Ottawa. These are outdoor trials where strict controls are intended to minimize the chance of DNA introduced by humans from escaping to the environment.These trials are reserved for GM crops; crops where the DNA is altered through human-induced mutations; or conventionally-bred crops that are so genetically different from those in the environment that they can’t be allowed to mix.

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Bruno Mars Is More Than Your Average Pop Star

Party music isn’t usually meant to change the world. It’s for relaxing and getting a little bit wild; it inspires kissing and booty-shaking and high-fiving, not marches up the Washington Mall. The chart-topping good time guy , whose dedication to fun comes second only to his respect for those who’ve in the past, would probably agree that his songs aren’t about to start any major social movements. And yet, after seeing Mars play in Seattle on Sunday, I think he’s offering an antidote — albeit a sweetly ephemeral one — to this summer of current events-inspired malaise.

Mars has released two sparkling albums full of radio friendly pop, 2010’s Doo-Wops and Hooligans and last year’s Unorthodox Jukebox. You can’t escape the sound of his voice or his sensibility, Nissan Consult-3 Plus Battery Registration Card but though he’s as a mere song-crafter, Mars is actually the moment’s most valuable pop historian. In his songs we see the whole history of melodic music you can dance to, from Tin Pan Alley to his beloved early-’60s pop to that ’80s moment when new wave and R&B collided. His sound is also wonderfully international, interspersing reggae and Latin influences with the swagger of hip-hop.

He’s acknowledging that the music he loves is rooted in exoticizing and stereotyping people who look like him. But Mars asserts his own humanity by stressing his skills and grace as a musician. Instead of the almost musical theater-like atmosphere of most current arena tours, Nissan Carsoft Interface this one focuses on the basic unit of post-midcentury pop: the band. As Mars and his mates bust synchronized moves and admire each others playing, their delight is our delight.This summer’s most-heard songs encourage listeners to put all these concerns aside and try to , and down the pleasure highway until they just . Pop’s mood is hedonistic and seemingly oblivious to consequence. Mars’s own stake in the Top 10 is “,” a feather-light ’80s throwback whose tone is set by its computer-voiced opening line: “Baby squirrel, you’se a sexy m-f-er.”

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Cory Monteith, who shot to fame in the hit TV series Glee but was beset by addiction struggles so fierce that he once said he was lucky to be alive, has been found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, police said. He was 31.Monteith, who played the quarterback Finn Hudson on the Fox TV series about a high school glee club, was found dead in his room on the 21st floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on the city’s waterfront around noon Saturday, according to police.

Acting Police Chief Doug LePard said there was no indication of foul play and “the cause of death was not immediately apparent.” Monteith’s body was found by hotel staff after he missed his check-out time, LePard said.The Calgary-born actor had checked into the hotel on July 6 and was due to check out on Saturday, LePard told reporters.”We do not have a great deal of information as to cause of death,” B.C. Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe said. She said further tests would be needed to determine how Monteith died.

“The exact nature of those examinations will depend on investigative findings within the next day or two as information is gathered from medical records and discussions with family take place,” she said.Video and electronic records from the hotel indicate Monteith returned to his room by himself early Saturday morning, and he was believed to be alone when he died, LePard said.LePard said Monteith had been out with people earlier and that those people are being interviewed.

“I have no words! My heart is broken,” Dot Jones, who plays football coach Shannon Beiste on Glee, said in a post on her Twitter account Saturday night.Fox and the producers of Glee, including 20th Century Fox Television, called him an exceptional performer “and an even more exceptional person. He was a true joy to work with and we will all miss him tremendously.”

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Loblaw to buy Shoppers Drug Mart for $12.4B

The meeting that sealed the $12.4-billion deal between Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. took place between two people, meeting alone on a country road.In a press conference on Monday to discuss details of the deal that will unite two of Canada’s biggest retailers, Galen G. Weston, executive chairman of Loblaw Companies Ltd., said he proposed the deal to Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation chair Holger Kluge early Thursday morning.

The two men met in a minivan on a country road northwest of Toronto and shook hands to seal the deal.“We’ve been dating for some time,” joked Holger Kluge, chair,TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 V2012.4 Shoppers Drug Mart.Loblaw, the country’s largest supermarket company, will pay $61.54 a share for the leading Canadian drug store chain, the companies said in a statement released Monday. The price represents a 29.4 per cent premium to shareholders.

The deal comes at a critical time in grocery retail in Canada, with large U.S. discount retailers including Target and Wal-Mart making aggressive plays for market share. Both retailers sell groceries in large-format stores that also sell clothes and housewears, MVCI TOYOTA TIS+HONDA HDS+VOLVO DICE and that also include low-cost pharmacies.The deal will take about six to seven months to close, according to Loblaw officials.Weston said he is confident the deal will win the approval of Canada’s Competition Bureau, given the large number of competitors operating in the Canadian grocery market.

When asked if there will be job losses in the immediate or foreseeable future, Loblaw Companies Ltd. president Vicente Trius said, “When you look at the store front line, no changes whatsoever.”“Shoppers already has food space,” said Trius. “We think we can considerably expand the productivity.”Shoppers Drug Mart will keep its name and brand and operate as a separate division of Loblaw. Loblaw’s private label and convenience food will start appearing in the drug stores.

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In a sweltering midtown dance studio, two professionals from Dancing With the Stars were having the tables turned on them. On this recent afternoon, they were the dance students.Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were spinning each other around a mirrored room under the watchful eyes of a pair of Argentine tango pros: Victoria Galoto and Juan Paulo Horvath.

“No,” Galoto said at one point, stopping the practice and grabbing her partner to demonstrate to the TV stars how the steps are to be properly done. “Like this.”Smirnoff and Chmerkovskiy may be former Latin ballroom dancing champions and skilled enough to each be on 13 seasons of Dancing With the Stars, but here they are in a race to be Broadway ready with a dance called a “four-legged animal with two beating hearts.”“Nothing applies from what we know,” says Chmerkovskiy, sweat seeping through his tank top. “It’s like trying to be a great poet but in a different language. It’s very hard.”

The pair star in a revival of Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango, which traces the dance’s birth on the streets of 19th-century Buenos Aires to its more modern manifestations. They will take over for Galoto and Horvath when the touring show opens at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Sunday.Adding to the spiciness is that Smirnoff and Chmerkovskiy are former lovers, having been engaged for nine months in 2009. But both insist they’ve dealt with their personal issues and have moved on, although they use a more colloquial term than “personal issues.”

In person, they are comfortable and playful, teasing each other, natural in their touch and easy to laugh. After a photographer takes their picture, Smirnoff playfully pleads: “Can you make sure I look good in all the pictures? It doesn’t matter what he looks like.”

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MLB Should Reboot Final Vote by Just Making

For the 12th consecutive year, MLB fans have been given the keys to the All-Star Game, not only voting for the starters for each league, but also getting the opportunity to vote for the last player left on the playground who gets to represent his city in the Midsummer Classic. Since 2002, five players from each league have been put into a gimmicky “last player in” vote to make the All-Star Game. When it started,NEXIQ 125032 USB Link + Software Diesel Truck the Final Vote was actually a pretty great idea to get fans more involved and create a few days of buzz leading up to the game. Now, MLB needs to come up with something new or reboot what they’ve created.

Yes, the Final Vote does have a positive result, as the process gets another player on the All-Star team for each league, which is an incredible honor for two men…or three or four or six men. Hell, why doesn’t MLB just let them all in this season? It seems like it’s getting closer to that every year anyway. In 2012, the Final Vote became so ridiculous that six of the 10 players in the Final Vote process ended up on the All-Star teams,Cummins INLINE 5 INSITE 7.5 either by vote or selection as a replacement for an injured player. Last season, MLB allowed fans to vote online or by text, then opened up a free-for-all-style vote via Twitter hashtag with a few hours left in the process, essentially so MLB could boast that 50 million votes were cast during the contest.

None of the votes really mattered last year, especially not in the National League, where David Freese won the vote, but four of the five players still made the team. Let’s not forget that Freese won only after Chipper Jones—in his last season in the majors—was pulled from the vote to replace an injured Matt Kemp while the voting process was still in full swing.This season’s Final Vote is as ridiculous as any year that’s come before it. For the fifth time, MLB has put two players from the same team on the Final Five ballot, essentially splitting the vote between a fanbase to all but guarantee that neither player makes the team.

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Four years ago, President Obama — speaking over the heads of dictators and strongmen in the Middle East — gave a speech at Egypt’s Cairo University that, if it didn’t spark the Arab Spring, surely piled kindling onto the smoldering fire of dissent that ignited it.Saturday, in an address at the Soweto campus of the University of Johannesburg — a place that reeks of symbolism for oppressed people in sub-Saharan Africa — Obama may have unleashed another democracy movement.

As it turned out, the Arab Spring was largely a violent upheaval of despotic governments in North Africa whose outcome is less certain than it’s well-intentioned beginning.In his place is Mohammed Morsi, a democratically elected Islamist who has behaved like a dictator. Moammar Gadhafi, the Libyan dictator who was dispatched to the hereafter by the forces of a democratic rebellion, has been replaced by a government fractured by tribes and religious sects.

In an apparent attempt to ensure a better outcome for a transformational movement in sub-Saharan Africa, Obama unveiled an American program to train a future cadre of African leaders that he unabashedly calls the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. It will bring thousands of young Africans to the United States for training in “civic leadership and public administration and business and entrepreneurship.”And to assuage,Obama said of this program: “We’re going to partner with your governments and regional organizations here in Africa and foundations and civil society to amplify your voices as you stand up for democracy and equality.”

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New Catalyst to Make Hydrogenation Cleaner and Cheaper

A new iron nanoparticle catalyst developed by researchers in Japan and Canada promises to drastically improve the efficiency of hydrogenation. Researchers from McGill University, RIKEN and the Institute for Molecular Science have discovered a way to make this widely used chemical process more environmentally friendly—and less expensive.Hydrogenation,Launch x431 master smartbox to petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. The process typically involves the use of heavy metals, such as palladium or platinum, to catalyze the chemical reaction. While these metals are very efficient catalysts, they are also non-renewable, costly, and subject to sharp price fluctuations on international markets.

Previous work by other researchers has shown that iron nanoparticles—tiny pieces of metallic iron—can be used to activate the hydrogenation reaction. Iron, however, Aoyue 968A+ Multi-Function Repairing system has a well-known drawback: it rusts in the presence of oxygen or water. When rusted, iron nanoparticles stop acting as hydrogenation catalysts. This problem, which occurs with so much as trace quantities of water, has prevented iron nanoparticles from being used in industry.

The new technique, described in a paper published in the journal Green Chemistry, overcomes this limitation, making iron an active catalyst in water-ethanol mixtures containing up to 90% water. The key to this new method is to produce the particles directly inside a polymer matrix, composed of amphiphilic polymers based on polystyrene and polyethylene glycol. The polymer acts as a wrapping film that protects the iron surface from rusting in the presence of water, while allowing the reactants to reach the water and react.

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Another offseason, another organizational overhaul for the Cleveland Browns.Things haven’t exactly gone according to plan since the Browns returned to the shores of Lake Erie in 1999, but there’s certainly reason to be hopeful. After all, as any good Cleveland fan will tell you, there’s always next season.Next season is almost here, though. Following a terrific offseason of excellent coaching changes and strong free-agent signings, that cautious optimism may soon transform into a lot more. The Browns are truly a team on the rise.

After a 5-11 campaign in 2012, new owner Jimmy Haslam had seen enough of head coach Pat Shurmur, firing the 48-year-old following an unsuccessful two-year stint at the helm of the team. While Shurmur wasn’t exactly faced with an easy situation in Cleveland, he also failed to produce much progress for a young team looking to make strides toward contention in the near future.

Speculation involving Shurmur’s future continued until his eventual dismissal, but the same can’t be said for team president Mike Holmgren, who seemed to have one foot out the door from the day he arrived in Cleveland. Holmgren was a terrific NFL head coach but he wasn’t yet prepared for the role.Holmgren and Shurmur perpetuated a cautious, conservative approach to building a winning franchise. Browns fans have had enough of rebuilding—Haslam understands that.Joe Banner remains the team’s CEO with a hand in nearly every personnel decision made this offseason, but Haslam went a step further in hiring former Browns personnel man Mike Lombardi to fill the role of general manager.

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Recorded phone conversations key to several inquiries

Recordings of telephone conversations, email correspondence and tens of thousands of documents form the bedrock for several inquiries and court actions being taken against Anglo Irish Bank.Because the bank’s dealings over the phone with customers, traders and others were recorded in a transparent and ongoing manner, injector cleaner for 4S shop a system was set up whereby calls made using phones in certain divisions were automatically recorded.The Director of Corporate Enforcement are among those who have copies of some of the recordings.

The copies were handed over as part of discovery orders secured by the Quinns in their actions against the former bank, while the authorities have copies of recordings relevant to inquiries they are conducting.Mr Quinn’s daughter Aoife Quinn referred to a number of such recordings in an affidavit for the High Court earlier this year as part of the family’s effort to have the Central Bank and Minister for Finance joined as defendants to the family’s case against the bank.The former Anglo executive, launch X431 Diagun update via Email John Bowe, is among those whose taped conversations are referred to.

Mr Bowe was dealing with matters involving so-called margin calls on a Quinn shareholding in the bank which was causing consternation within Anglo during 2008. In a conversation with then chief executive David Drumm on April 22nd, 2008, he said: “When the [Anglo] share price falls we should think the share price is just falling. Instead of that we think.The family are claiming the issuing of loans by Anglo for these margin calls was illegal and that for this reason they cannot be held liable for the hundreds of millions of euro involved.

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