Man flees cops drowns in Arden Hills lake

Roseville police continue to investigate how a routine traffic stop started a chase that ended with the driver crashing his car and apparently drowning in an Arden Hills lake.The mans body was pulled from the water, about 50 feet from shore, late Saturday, but authorities were still working to find and notify his family Sunday night.His name and a cause of death are expected to be released Monday,BMW SI Reseter and investigators hope to piece together why he sped away from officers who tried to stop him because of a broken taillight.

The incident began around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when a Roseville police officer tried to pull the motorist over on Cleveland Avenue at Oakcrest Avenue for an equipment violation, SI Reseter 10 in 1 according to a Roseville Police Department news release.As the car sped north on Cleveland toward County Road E2, pursuing officers slowed down and lost sight of the vehicle at the T-intersection with County Road E2, about 3 miles from where the chase began. Officers soon discovered that the car had crashed into a wooded area north of the intersection and that the driver had fled.They began a canine search that led to the south side of Ferrels Lake. Officers spotted the suspect in the lake, about 50 yards from shore. He responded to their commands to come back to shore by shouting expletives at them, the news release said.

When they noticed that the man was having difficulty staying afloat four Roseville police officers removed their duty belts, heavy vests and boots and swam to the area the suspect was last seen, the release said. Officers took turns diving and searching for the suspect in approximately 20 feet of muddy water.After five minutes of searching, the officers returned to shore and called for a water rescue unit.Police said the mans vehicle didnt have license plates and that he apparently had bought it just a few days ago. The vehicle was towed and will be examined as part of the departments investigation.

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