High Volumes of Chemical-Free Cleaner

GenEon Technologies today announced the introduction of the new InstaFlow, a compact, innovative, wall-mounted device that produces large volumes of safe, sustainable cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing solutions for schools, hospitals, restaurants, food service operations and virtually any environment desiring to clean dirt or kill germs without harmful chemicals.”With the push of a button, maintenance professionals can now produce high-performing cleaning and sanitizing solutions onsite in whatever quantities needed — whether small amounts for spray bottles,Toyota Lexus Smart Key Programmer for 2009~2012 Smart Key medium quantities for mop buckets and buddy jugs or even large volumes for powered scrubbers,” says John Shanahan, co-founder and vice-president of sales for GenEon Technologies. “GenEon Technologies is about making water smarter. With the InstaFlow now we are also making cleaning easier.”

All that is required is access to water and electricity. Mixing tap water and proprietary minerals, the InstaFlow harnesses the science of water electrolysis to energize the solution with an electrical charge and create GenEon cleaner: a safe, effective liquid for removing dirt and grime,Food processing plants, technology clean rooms,MB Dump Key Generator from EIS Super SKC Calculator and organic grocers long ago abandoned toxic cleaning chemicals in favor of naturally occurring hypochlorous as a means to cleaning and sanitizing food prep areas, fruits and vegetables, and highly sensitive clean rooms. These industries virtually invented the process of energizing water and minerals to create inexpensive, sustainable, highly effective sanitizing solutions. GenEon Technologies simply reduced the size of these machines down to today’s compact InstaFlow, making it accessible for everyday use.

“The hypochlorous InstaFlow produces is very safe,” notes Shanahan. “So safe, in fact, the human body produces a form of it in white blood cells to fight off infection.” Hypochlorous in this form contains “free available chlorine;” harmful to germs, but safe on skin, surfaces and clothing.

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