Taxi drivers annoyed

Currently only drivers working for Clydebank Taxis are allowed to pick up passengers from the taxi rank in the Coldstream North car park after entering into an exclusive deal with Helical Bar PLC, the owners of Clyde Shopping Centre.

It also means other cabbies now have to to pay an extra 80 a week if they want to continue picking up passengers from one of the town’s busiest spots.Last week one angry driver warned the Post there will be further protests against the decision in the future and said unless something changes there will be stark consequences for the area’s taxi trade.

He said: “We are under increasing pressure and we are being strangled every way possible. If it stays this way, and we can’t get in, it will be hell and the demonstrations will continue until we get some sort of result. If this continues there will be a lot of people going to the wall.”There’s a whole load of guys who are going to feel it unless they take the radio but even if they do they’ll be 80 more in debt a week which in Clydebank at the moment you can’t afford to do.”

Since we broke the news of the agreement senior members of the council have also been seeking to persuade Helical Bar PLC to reconsider their decision and have said they want a balanced playing field for all local businesses.

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