Inexpensive, open-all-hours and endlessly varied — street food is a staple for many, especially in big cities like Jakarta.But concern over potentially fatal food-borne illness has put street food hygiene under the microscope. Data from the Health Ministry suggests that food-related illness is the third leading cause of death among patients at hospitals across Indonesia.In 2010 the ministry recorded 274 deaths from 41,081 cases of typhoid and paratyphoid fever, caused by several Salmonella bacteria species transmitted when people handling food fail to wash their hands properly after going to the toilet.

There are dozens of other bacterial, viral and parasitic disease-causing pathogens that thrive at street stalls due to lack of refrigeration and toilets, dirty dishwater, contaminated ice and drinks, and more.Despite these risks, however, Jakartans can’t live without their street food — so they are looking to Governor Joko Widodo to apply the successful reforms that he implemented while as mayor of Solo, in Central Java.“Street food vendors can be valuable for the city if the local government has sufficient commitment to organize the traders and be strict about imposing regulations,” said Andrinof Chaniago, public policy analyst at the University of Indonesia.

Andrinof said Joko’s first step in improving street food safety in Solo was to relocate street food vendors to a monitored site called Gladag Langen Bogan.Now regarded as a culinary center, Galabo attracts both local and foreign tourists, customers reveling in the choices available in the one food fair.Under the city’s administrative supervision, the culinary center is cleaner and food handling practices are easier to monitor.Proprietors of roadside cafes, Andrinof said, should be encouraged to join the Indonesian Street Vendors Association, which claims to have 150,000 members nationwide.With the governor estimating Jakarta’s street vendors at more than one million, however, most of the city’s food is served by non-members.

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Wireless competition would improve without foreign ownership limits

Opening Canada’s $19 billion wireless market to foreign ownership would promote competition far better than existing rules, which cap investment but give preferential access to offshore telecom giants, the Fraser Institute says.In a research paper released Monday, the policy think-tank said eliminating remaining restrictions would clear the way for foreign investors to enter the country on a large scale through acquisitions and mergers.Just the threat of a foreign takeover, it added, would give major carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus a “greater incentive” to offer customers better pricing and service.

“There are more efficient ways to bring additional competition to Canada’s wireless market that don’t require unfairly handicapping the existing large Canadian telecom firms,” says the paper by Fraser Institute senior fellow Steven Globerman.“If the Canadian government is willing to rely upon market competition to maximize the consumer benefits of wireless telecommunications, it could do so immediately by lifting foreign investment restrictions.”The paper says the chance of expansion through full acquisitions might help lure foreign-owned firms now restricted to buying companies with less than 10 per cent of the wireless market as measured by revenue.It lauds Ottawa for relying on market forces to improve services for consumers, but challenges the government’s view that the wireless landscape in this country is fundamentally uncompetitive.

While the big three carriers dominate sales, the paper cites an OECD study that found wireless prices were lower in Canada than in the United States in four of six usage scenarios, although they were higher than the average for all OECD countries.As such, it says there’s a lack of justification for rules that expand new entrants’ access to networks built by the incumbents, and give them the right to bid on more prime cell spectrum and the ability to acquire telecom assets that are effectively off-limits to established carriers. Those rules could even discourage investment as the big three are forced to defend their turf, the paper said.

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In a litany of loss, the names of 5,200 dead Chinese schoolchildren reverberated throughout the room from a loudspeaker.Hundreds of volunteers gathered at the Art Gallery of Ontario on Sunday to honour the youngest victims of the 2008 earthquake that battered the country’s Sichuan province on May 12, 2008 and killed over 87,000 peopleThe live tribute marked the opening weekend of the gallery’s summer exhibition, Ai Weiwei: According to What?, which chronicles the work of the controversial Chinese artist and activist.

In a ceremony reminiscent of the children’s holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem in Israel, nearly 300 volunteers took turns to read the names of 20 children who died in the natural disaster — a process that was estimated to take five hours.Some paused for a moment before reading; others bowed three times toward the 45-by-15-foot wall behind them that records the names, ages, gender and grade of each of the 5,200 children.The sheer number of names on the wall means little until you get closer, and see children as young as three were killed.“So many innocent kids died that day, and many of them died needlessly,” said China-born Robin Luo.Luo held his own 7-year old son Royce close to him as he spoke.

“Those children shouldn’t have died — it was only because of the quality of the school buildings,” said Luo, referring to the scandal in the aftermath of the earthquake.Nearly 14,000 schools were damaged while buildings nearby remained intact. Various reports alleged that local government officials and construction companies were negligent in the construction of schools, ignored civil engineering standards, and took shortcuts while pocketing the difference.Luo, who came to Canada more than 20 years ago, said he wanted to participate in the event with Royce so his son could understand how lucky he is to have been born in Canada.“As a parent myself, I just hope that those kids are happy now and peaceful in heaven,” said Luo.And Gein Wong, the director behind the participatory reading, said that’s exactly what the event is meant to do: elicit empathy.“So many disasters happen in the world and we get desensitized to that, and we become preoccupied with our own lives, trying to pay our own bills,” she said.

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Why Toronto residents must embrace city wildlife

A fox sleeps in the sun, cosy on the threshold of Ruthi Gladstone’s front door. Deer in the backyard nibble on herbs. Rabbits idle and stretch in her garden.This benign kingdom is in Canada’s most populous city, near Yonge St. and Sheppard Ave., a 10-minute walk from a subway station through which 48,000 people pass every day.Gladstone thinks it’s only fair she puts out a welcome mat for urban wildlife. “We are taking over their habitats,” she says. “They will stay and we have to learn to live with them.”

Her view is embraced by naturalists and conservationists. Animal populations have rebounded in North American cities and everyone — two legged and four — must adapt. But this accommodation will take effort: “We’ve largely taken ourselves out of the working landscape and mostly forsaken both the destructive ways and the stewardship skills of our ancestors,” says Jim Sterba in his engaging 2012 book, BMW ICOM for 4S shop Nature Wars: The Incredible Story of How Wildlife Comebacks Turned Backyards into Battlegrounds. “But the comeback of wildlife and forests all but demands that we reconnect to the natural world around us, relearn old stewardship skills and develop new ways of practising those skills better.”

It is impossible to overstate the population explosion of urban wildlife in recent years — deer, geese, raccoon, foxes, wild turkey and coyotes, launch X431 Master software update via Email with more immigration on the way. The why is simple: Cities have become sanctuaries for animals because they are relatively free from predators and food is abundant. Hydro corridors provide convenient wildlife highways into Toronto, where trees and shrubs comprise 27 per cent of the city’s area and ravines represent 18 per cent of city land.And as Ralph Toninger, a manager at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, observes, it’s not just migration from the country that’s increasing wildlife numbers. “Cities are engines that generate wildlife.”

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Canadian consumers could be in for a bonanza of special credit card offers now that Aimia Inc. has confirmed TD Bank has won its Aeroplan business away from CIBC, some industry members said.While CIBC hopes to hang onto half its Aeroplan credit cardholders if discussions still underway result in an agreement by Aug. 26 other card companies see Aeroplan’s move to TD as an opportunity to win new business.

“This is a unique circumstance. It’s probably the biggest shakeup in the card loyalty rewards market for a decade or more,” said David Barnes, vice-president marketing and communications for American Express Canada.“What you’re going to see is a lot more marketing activity and enticements for people to come over to our card. First year free, quite rich welcome bonuses, those are the kind of tools you’ll see people using generally,” Barnes said in an interview.American Express is a supplier of Aeroplan-affiliated charge cards.

Aimia announced early Monday it had reached an agreement that confirms TD Bank as its primary credit card partner for a 10 year period, starting Jan. 1, 2014.“We are delighted to confirm TD as our new financial credit card partner,” Aimia group chief executive Rupert Duchesne, said in a statement.But, in a new twist on the contentious switch, Aimia also said talks were continuing with both TD and CIBC about “a broad framework” that would see CIBC hang on to nearly half its card holders, mainly customers who also have accounts or other relationships with the bank.

“If an agreement is reached, CIBC, TD and Aimia could avoid costly legal wrangling, which we believe could potentially include an application for an injunction by CIBC that would prevent TD from starting its Aeroplan loyalty program, even after CIBC’s agreement with Aimia expires on December 31, 2013,” Desjardins analyst Michael Goldberg said in a research note.A three-way agreement could limit the cost both for CIBC and TD of acquiring and keeping Aeroplan cardholders, analyst John Reucassel, with BMO Capital Markets, wrote in a note to clients. Cardholders will either stay with CBIC or enjoy a seamless transition to TD, Reucasse said.

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Man flees cops drowns in Arden Hills lake

Roseville police continue to investigate how a routine traffic stop started a chase that ended with the driver crashing his car and apparently drowning in an Arden Hills lake.The man’s body was pulled from the water, about 50 feet from shore, late Saturday, but authorities were still working to find and notify his family Sunday night.His name and a cause of death are expected to be released Monday,BMW SI Reseter and investigators hope to piece together why he sped away from officers who tried to stop him because of a broken taillight.

The incident began around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when a Roseville police officer tried to pull the motorist over on Cleveland Avenue at Oakcrest Avenue for an equipment violation, SI Reseter 10 in 1 according to a Roseville Police Department news release.As the car sped north on Cleveland toward County Road E2, pursuing officers slowed down and lost sight of the vehicle at the T-intersection with County Road E2, about 3 miles from where the chase began. Officers soon discovered that the car had crashed into a wooded area north of the intersection and that the driver had fled.They began a canine search that led to the south side of Ferrel’s Lake. Officers spotted the suspect in the lake, about 50 yards from shore. He responded to their commands to come back to shore by shouting expletives at them, the news release said.

When they noticed that the man was “having difficulty staying afloat … four Roseville police officers removed their duty belts, heavy vests and boots and swam to the area the suspect was last seen,” the release said. “Officers took turns diving and searching for the suspect in approximately 20 feet of muddy water.”After five minutes of searching, the officers returned to shore and called for a water rescue unit.Police said the man’s vehicle didn’t have license plates and that he apparently had bought it just a few days ago. The vehicle was towed and will be examined as part of the department’s investigation.

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General Motors Co. is knocking 13 per cent off the U.S. sticker price of the Chevrolet Volt electric car as it tries to keep pace with rivals in the market for plug-in vehicles.The auto maker said Tuesday that the 2014 Volt will start at $34,995 in the United States, including shipping – $5,000 less than the current model. The new model is scheduled to reach showrooms late this summer.The pricing announced Tuesday applies only to the U.S. market. A spokeswoman for General Motors of Canada Ltd. said Canadian pricing for the 2014 Chevrolet Volt will be announced later this month.

Sales of electric vehicles are rising, but they’re still a small piece of the overall industry. Auto makers have been forced to cut prices or offer discounted leases in order to move the vehicles off dealer lots. Nissan dropped the price of its electric Leaf and sales soared, something GM had to notice.“Chevrolet is undoubtedly aware of this shift in Leaf pricing, and its resulting sales spike. We all know what you’re supposed to do when you can’t beat ‘em,” said Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book.Electric vehicles once were billed as the answer to high gas prices and dependence on foreign oil. But U.S. oil production is rising and gasoline supplies are abundant.

Pump prices have remained relatively stable the past three years, while gas-powered cars have gotten more efficient, making consumers reluctant to give them up.There’s also the worry that an electric car could run out of juice on longer trips.The Volt can go about 38 miles on a battery charge, then a small electric motor kicks in to power the car until it can be recharged. GM said it has cut costs as it has gained experience making electric vehicles and parts, all while adding features and increasing the car’s battery range.The sluggish sales of electric cars have dampened high expectations. U.S. President Barack Obama has said he wants to put 1 million plug-in electric vehicles on the road by 2015, but with less than two years left, the nation is far short of that goal.

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Star Matt Damon deny movie has political agenda

The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “politically charged flight of speculative fiction.”Newsmax refers to it “sci-fi socialism” and “political propaganda.”Variety said its one of the “more openly socialist political agendas of any Hollywood movie in memory, beating the drum loudly not just for universal healthcare, but for open borders, unconditional amnesty and the abolition of class distinctions as well.”But the director of “Elysium,” Neill Blomkamp, begs to differ, as does the film’s star, Matt Damon.

Blomkamp, who rose to fame with the Oscar-nominated sci-fi hit “District 9” in 2009, said his highly-anticipated film has no agenda whatsoever, Toyota Lexus Smart Key Programmer for 2009~2012 Smart Key and claims he isn’t a political filmmaker.“’Elysium’ doesn’t have a message,” Blomkamp told Wired Magazine, saying he found it unfortunate that critics were drawing parallels between his movie and the Occupy movement, a phenomenon he says wasn’t even a consideration.

“I don’t think it is trying to say anything. It just presents the issue – the distinct difference between the haves and the have nots,” he told FOX411 while promoting the flick. “A science fiction film will work if it is a whole new world,MB Dump Key Generator from EIS Super SKC Calculator but speaks to the world that we live in, but not in a heavy-handed way. The first order of business for a big summer popcorn movie is to make a kick-ass movie with great action.”

There is the overpopulated, crime-riddled, poverty-stricken slums of Earth, and then there are the excessively wealthy who reside on Elysium, a slick, mind-blowing man-made space station that comes complete with a cure for every illness, and humans and robots that stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyles of Elysium’s lucky few.And while anyone certainly can make a movie about whatever it is they want, some critics find it laughable that Blomkamp would deny his film has political themes.

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The Hindustan Motors (HM) Ambassador, one of the oldest production cars in the world, was removed from the market April 2010 for the lack of emission compliance. Now the world’s most popular, and also the safest — if a recent survey is to be believed — taxi is set to hit the road again next month with a new and improved engine.Automotive Research Association of India has certified the vehicle as BS-IV compliant after it cleared mass emission and other tests as per Rule 11f of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989.

Equivalent to the Euro 4 limits used till 2009 in Europe, BS-IV compliance means that the latest Ambassador diesel will have an up-to-date engine that releases significantly fewer pollutants than the BS-III complaint model that fell afoul of norms three years ago. The new 1.5-litre diesel model will also comprise modern parts such as an OBD-II diagnostic plug, which has been a must for US cars since 1996.But BS-IV is still a far cry from the current ‘Tier 2, Bin V’ emissions standards required for a car in the US, or Euro 5 for Europe, but it’s significant step up from the almost negligible emission controls of the earlier BS-III standard.The manufacturing of the new and improved Amby, as the Ambassador is popularly known as, has already begun and it is expected to start rolling out of HM’s Uttarpara plant in Hooghly from August 2013.

“We had been working on upgrading our Ambassador 1.5-litre diesel car to match BS-IV norms for over a year. We are happy that our efforts have borne fruit and we have received certification from ARAI after passing rigorous tests. This has demolished the myth that HM cannot upgrade its existing engines. Moreover, this opens hitherto forbidden markets where this vehicle commands enviable loyalty in the taxi segment. We expect our sales to grow significantly within a few months,” said Uttam Bose, Managing Director and CEO, HM.

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High Volumes of Chemical-Free Cleaner

GenEon Technologies today announced the introduction of the new InstaFlow, a compact, innovative, wall-mounted device that produces large volumes of safe, sustainable cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing solutions for schools, hospitals, restaurants, food service operations and virtually any environment desiring to clean dirt or kill germs without harmful chemicals.”With the push of a button, maintenance professionals can now produce high-performing cleaning and sanitizing solutions onsite in whatever quantities needed — whether small amounts for spray bottles,Toyota Lexus Smart Key Programmer for 2009~2012 Smart Key medium quantities for mop buckets and buddy jugs or even large volumes for powered scrubbers,” says John Shanahan, co-founder and vice-president of sales for GenEon Technologies. “GenEon Technologies is about making water smarter. With the InstaFlow now we are also making cleaning easier.”

All that is required is access to water and electricity. Mixing tap water and proprietary minerals, the InstaFlow harnesses the science of water electrolysis to energize the solution with an electrical charge and create GenEon cleaner: a safe, effective liquid for removing dirt and grime,Food processing plants, technology clean rooms,MB Dump Key Generator from EIS Super SKC Calculator and organic grocers long ago abandoned toxic cleaning chemicals in favor of naturally occurring hypochlorous as a means to cleaning and sanitizing food prep areas, fruits and vegetables, and highly sensitive clean rooms. These industries virtually invented the process of energizing water and minerals to create inexpensive, sustainable, highly effective sanitizing solutions. GenEon Technologies simply reduced the size of these machines down to today’s compact InstaFlow, making it accessible for everyday use.

“The hypochlorous InstaFlow produces is very safe,” notes Shanahan. “So safe, in fact, the human body produces a form of it in white blood cells to fight off infection.” Hypochlorous in this form contains “free available chlorine;” harmful to germs, but safe on skin, surfaces and clothing.

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